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Cylinder Replacements Dublin

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Unbeatable Plumbing Services is your local Plumbing specialist providing solutions for Cylinder "boiler" "hot tank" or "immersion" Replacements in Dublin

In your hot press is what a lot of householders call the "boiler" "hot tank" or "immersion", however the correct term is "cylinder", this stores all the hot water in your home. Modern hot water cylinders come pre-lagged with an insulating foam layer ,so no need for them old lagging jackets that never quite fit correctly. Terms like 'rapid recovery cylinder' means it will heat back up quickly after you have used the existing hot water. Pressurised copper cylinders are appearing more on the Irish market and are very well insulated , however they require a high pressure feed and a lot of mains water supplies in Dublin are simply not adequate, so the householder would need to fork out for a booster pump and a plumber to fit it, increasing the cost.

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