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Shower Systems

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Everybody wants a powerful invigorating shower and by fitting a shower booster pump that is exactly what you will get, you will wonder how you ever managed without it, clients of Unbeatable Plumbing Services have said that when they have had to shower elsewhere without the aid of a booster pump, they can not believe the difference in their normal showering experience with their booster pump.

Most mixer type showers in modern homes are gravity fed, the pressure on these shower systems is based on the height of the water storage tank in the attic, and this is usually only around 0.2 bar (ie. every meter is equal to 0.1 of a bar) so 0.2 of a bar is when your attic tank is sited approximately 2 meters above your shower. Shower booster pumps come in variety of different pressures (1.0 bar - 4.5 bar) matched to what your requirements are. So based on the earlier calculation, by fitting a 2.0 bar pump, it is the same as having your water storage tank fitted 20 meters or approximately 65 foot above your shower. Gone will be the days of dancing around to get wet, and you can enjoy the shower of your dreams with softly cascading aerated bubbles that will drench, caress, re-invigorate and refresh you at the beginning or at the end of a hard day. Go to our evening plumbing section for more information on our evening plumbing services.

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